Pazo del Rey Mencia 2018


Mencia (“men-thee-ah”) is considered a high quality medium bodied red from the Iberian Peninsula. You could call it Spain and Portugal’s version of Pinot Noir.
Mencia’s are considered very age worthy with their bright acidity, sometimes high tannin and mostly red fruits notes; pomegranate/cherry/strawberry etc. florals, licorice and black pepper.

This Mencia is very aromatic and complex with notes of ripe red fruits, as well as florals and spice, it is round with smooth tannins.
An elegant all year-round wine, you can drink it with charcuterie and smoked meats, grilled veggies, game meats and rice dishes, think Mushroom risotto and wild rice.


Pazo del Rey boasts the singularity of it origin, Monterrei, the denomination which is least well known amoungst the Galician wine regions. Monterrei shares the cultivation of the autochthonous varieties with the neighbouring regions: Godello with Valdeorras, Treixadura with Ribeiro, and Mencia with Ribeira Sacra, and is the only one of the Galician regions whose territory lies along the Duero riverbank, although it does not forsake the oceanic influence of the rest, a reason that serves to warrant the cultivation of the red varieties.