Bergerie du Capucin ‘Dame du Causse’ Syrah Grenache 2018


On the 17th of august, 2016, after an exceptional hail storm, a large part of the Bergerie du Capucin estate was destroyed. At this time, the wine named ‘La Dame du Causse’ was born, with help and solidarity from other winemakers.
In 2018, winemaker Guilhem decided to produce this wine again with grapes selected in AOP Languedoc. Guilhem produces the Dame du Causse with the same processes as the ‘Dame Jeanne’ just with a difference in varieties; a lot of Syrah and a little part of Grenache.


At 638 metres and 30 kilometres from the Mediterranean with the Massif Central bearing down,
this 15 hectare vineyard in the Pic St Loup appellation in the Languedoc is very special. In addition to the location, the vegetation surrounding the vineyard adds its own character to the wines. Perfumes and essences of holm oaks, Garrigue scrubland, pines, thyme, laurel and rosemary fill the air from early spring and through summer.
Since 2008 when Guilhem Viau took the decision to make his own wines, he has not looked back.
Managing the property in sympathy with the land and with respect to the soils and native flora and fauna, Guilhem’s wines reflect those sympathies.